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Archetypal Tarot Session

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Archetypal Tarot Reading

In these 40 or 75 minute sessions, we’ll use the tarot as a portal to get clarity about where you are on your individuation path, and how to move through whatever blocks, heartaches, and fears you are suffering. Using a depth psychological approach, we’ll explore the cards as tools of empowerment, as invitations to your truth, as reflections of the profound archetypal patterns and complexes within that seek alignment and integration.

In these sessions you can bring all of yourself to the table. You can offer the unanswered questions in your heart and allow yourself to be totally held, guided, and transformed.



Archetypal Tarot Reading Packages

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Archetypal Tarot Readings Packages

Deep, integrative self-care is not meant to be done in crisis. It is not something we should schedule when we’re feeling overwhelmed, when we’re at the end of our rope. It is something we set up for ourselves so that we do not become overwhelmed. So that we never feel like we’re about to fall.

These archetypal tarot packages include four archetypal tarot readings, and are meant to support you emotionally and spiritually throughout the corners of the year. The beauty of choosing a package is that you give your future self the gift of transformative self-care. And as a bonus you can save over 15% by purchasing the readings in advance.



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