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Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you’ve got heaven and earth, and all of creation. You’re a world—everything is hidden in you.

— Hildegard von Bingen

Hi, I'm Mariana Louis,

Archetypal Tarot Reader, Spiritual Educator & Sacred Feminist

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A little about me…

After stumbling upon a little book in my grandfather’s attic library called The Undiscovered Self, an entire world opened to me that shifted my life path forever.

In my exploration of the ideas of Carl Jung and depth psychology, I found a rekindled passion for the study of the soul. This passion eventually led me to earn a master’s degree in Western Intellectual Traditions from the CUNY Graduate Institute, where I focused on philosophies of magic, transformations of the Divine Feminine, and the application of Jungian principles in Western thought. And at the same time I discovered that all of these interests converged in the archetypal secrets of the tarot.

Soon, Persephone’s Sister was born, a platform of both spiritual education and personal guidance blending depth psychology, mysticism, and magic with the cards.

Announcing the Archetypal Tarot School...

The Archetypal Tarot School is a 10-week program designed to teach you an archetypal approach to the cards. This program is unique and deep, blending a self-guided and community structure. It also goes much deeper than the major arcana, and dives into into all 78 cards. If this gets you tingling, see the full details below!

Next class coming September 11, 2023


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