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Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you’ve got heaven and earth, and all of creation. You’re a world—everything is hidden in you.

— Hildegard von Bingen

Meet Mariana Louis,

Archetypal Tarot Reader, Spiritual Educator & Sacred Feminist

What A Session With Mariana Is Like…

The archetypal language of the soul…

When we become numb, confused, hurt, or exhausted, when we feel ourselves drifting farther and farther away from the sacred center that tells us who we are, when we are utterly stuck and unable to visualize any path forward, we're actually in the pinch of transformation. We are sitting in the miserable discomfort of the space before renewal.

The tarot is the perfect tool to deeply tend to this space, to guide the realignment to the soul’s journey of individuation. When we use the tarot archetypally, through the window of depth psychology, it allows us to glimpse our psycho-spiritual truths. It empowers us, deepens us, brings us into communication with the wisdom of our souls. And through that space, we are not only restored, but able to make more conscious choices for our lives.

A little about Mariana…

Mariana began her study of Jung and the archetypes when she stumbled upon a little book in her grandfather’s attic library called The Undiscovered Self. After 3 years of Jungian analysis and self-study, she decided to leave her career as a musician and earn her master’s degree in Western Intellectual Traditions from the CUNY Graduate Institute, where she focused on philosophies of magic, transformations of the archetypal Feminine, and the application of Jungian principles on Western thought, all of which converged in her research of the tarot.

After completing her degree, Persephone’s Sister born. As a platform of both spiritual education and personal guidance, Mariana blends depth psychology, mythology, mysticism, sacred feminism, and occultism to offer insights for the individuation journey.

Announcing the Archetypal Tarot School...

The Archetypal Tarot School is a 9 week program designed to teach you an archetypal approach to the cards. This program is unique and deep, blending a self-guided and community structure. It also goes much deeper than the major arcana, and dives into into all 78 cards. If this gets you tingling, join the wait list below!

Next class coming early 2023

Make your spirituality smart…

One of the greatest things you can do to support your inner journey is not cultivating ritual or practicing self-care or honing your divination skills, but seeking out spiritual education. You can create a beautiful and powerful practice, but if you are not exploring and learning, your spirituality will never truly deepen.

The Persephone’s Sister seminars offer that rich, psycho-spiritual education. They are manageable but comprehensive 90m dives into deep topics that genuinely support and enhance your psycho-spiritual life. As a combination of lecture, live discussion, and practical application, they bring the big ideas of mysticism, occultism, and depth psychology into adaptable bits. Topics range from the Eternal Feminine to Jung, tarot to ancient alchemy, and much more.

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Deepen your connection to the cards and learn to read with symbol & soul with this booklet, including The Archetypal Tarot Spread, journal pages, a recommended reading list, and a depth psychology glossary.

Archetypal tarot is the pathway to truly understanding the meaning of the cards, through a foundation of depth psychology, mysticism, and sacredness. Discover how tarot can guide you on your journey of individuation, your quest for wholeness!


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