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Humanity, take a good look at yourself. Inside, you’ve got heaven and earth, and all of creation. You’re a world—everything is hidden in you.

— Hildegard von Bingen

Hi, I’m Mariana,

Archetypal Tarot Reader, Spiritual Educator & Sacred Feminist

What A Reading With Me Is Like…

"The archetypal reading is extremely informative in the way it shows you how you are subconsciously showing up in your life. From this reading I have learned how to transform and elevate myself from subconscious patterns that may not be serving me. With this knowledge I am able to actively to recognize these patterns and break out of them so I can move into my highest timeline."

Stephanie C.

"You know when you haven't showered in a while, like maybe you went camping for a week and did a lot of hiking and slept in a tent and you're feeling super gross, but then you finally get home and are able to take a hot shower and put on fresh clothes and crawl into your own bed again feeling like a whole new person? My reading with Mariana was like a spiritual version of that."

Stacy B.

The archetypal language of the soul…

When we become stuck, confused, hurt, or exhausted, we are actually experiencing the pinch of transformation. We are sitting in the miserable discomfort of the space before renewal.

The tarot is the perfect tool to deeply tend to this space, to guide the realignment to the soul’s journey of individuation. When we use the tarot archetypally, as the collection of experiences that comprise the human condition, it allows us to glimpse your trust psychospiritual realities, and thus make more conscious choices for our lives.

A little about me…

Persephone's Sister was a dream born in childhood, a space of magic, mysticism, and devotion to the deep Self. It’s a platform for spiritual education and profound guidance, blending depth psychology, sacred feminism, and witchcraft. My work is to offer insights for the individuation journey—both to clients through in tarot readings, and the community through spiritual seminars, deep conversations, and moon circles. I am also a lover of the poetry of Rilke, the music of Hildegard von Bingen, and the sweetness of my husband and kitty familiars.

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Deepen your connection to the cards and learn to read with symbol & soul with this booklet, including The Archetypal Tarot Spread, journal pages, a recommended reading list, and a depth psychology glossary.

Archetypal tarot is the pathway to truly understanding the meaning of the cards, through a foundation of depth psychology, mysticism, and sacredness. Discover how tarot can guide you on your journey of individuation, your quest for wholeness!

Make your spirituality smart…

Ritual and self-care and card pulls are all beautiful practices, but if you’re not educating yourself, your spirituality will never truly deepen. You may have felt that uncomfortable twinge, wondering why you’ve accepted the truths you’ve been told by others, or where spiritual teachers and thought-leaders have sourced their information.

The Persephone’s Sister seminars are meant to fill that educational gap. They offer you the opportunity to learn for yourself, deepen your wisdom, and create an intentional, smart, and soulful craft.

Announcing the Archetypal Tarot School...

The Archetypal Tarot School is a 9 week program starting June 13th, 2022 designed to teach you an archetypal approach to the cards. This program is unique and deep, blending a self-guided and community structure. It also goes much deeper than the major arcana, and dives into into all 78 cards. If this gets you tingling, join the wait list below!


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