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A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth.

— Marion Woodman

Why choose an archetypal tarot reading?

There are moments in our life when we will feel deeply unsure of our path, when the stuckness spreads out in front of us like an endless desert, when we are truly at the heart of the crossroad. And while these moments are inevitable, they are not hopeless, and we do not have to navigate them alone. There is a way through.

This was the function of mythology and ritual for our ancestors—to guide us back to the path—and it is also the purpose of the Archetypal Tarot Sessions.

Blending depth psychology and other mystical traditions, these readings guide you back to the center point, to what Carl Jung called the archetype of the Self. This is not a flimsy fortune-telling session. This is a sacred container, one in which you will be held, supported, and guided through your unconscious realities reflected in the cards.

* Books are currently closed. They will likely reopen in the late fall.

What to expect in an Archetypal Tarot Session...

1. The cards aren’t used to divine future events, but to understand the archetypes, complexes, emotional patterns, and hidden truths about who you are.

2. Rather than come up with a quick “answer” that often feels rushed or unsettled, the goal is to get to the heart of the question itself, unveiling the secret within it that already holds its own resolution.

3. The session is a closed container, meaning it is a space to move safely and freely through the mess of life with curiosity, compassion, and the experience of being fully held and seen.

4. You can choose how deep you go. A full 75 minute session makes room to really delve into this moment of your living myth, and a shorter 40 minute session is best to “check-in” and reflect on a particular situation.

Some Words From Clients…

Archetypal Tarot Session Packages

Deep, integrative self-care is not meant to be done in crisis. It is not something we should schedule when we’re feeling overwhelmed, when we’re at the end of our rope. It is something we set up for ourselves so that we do not become overwhelmed and collapse. It is the opportunity to tend to ourselves with sincere love and devotion, as a sacred ritual of restoration.

With these Archetypal Tarot Packages, you can set up these soulful self-care sessions in advance and save up to $80 a year! Plus, rather than paying all at once, you will only be charged immediately before your reading is scheduled. This means you have the power to cancel at any time between readings.

But keep in mind these packages are extremely limited and they may sell out quickly, so take a look now:

Bi-MonthLy Archetypal Tarot Sessions
Quarterly Archetypal Tarot Sessions

Learn more about me...

Hello, I’m Mariana Louis, a professional tarot reader, writer, and educator based in New York City. My journey with depth psychology began with the discovery of a little book called The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung in my grandfather’s attic library, which led me to the pivotal decision to pursue a deeper study in mysticism, occultism, and the archetypes. Soon after I discovered the tarot, the Wheel of Fortune spun, and a new fate was forged.

After earning a master’s degree in Western Intellectual Traditions, I launched Persephone’s Sister—a platform for spiritual education and tarot guidance, blending depth psychology, sacred feminism, and witchcraft.


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