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A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth.

— Marion Woodman

Your Invitation To Enter The Sacred Container…

There are moments in our life when we will feel deeply unsure of our path. There are moments we are sure we’re utterly lost, truly disconnected. There are moments when we believe we have wandered too far from the core of ourselves, from our souls and the divine in us, the thing Carl Jung called the archetype of the Self.

These moments are inevitable, and deeply human, but we are not meant to navigate them alone. This was the function of mythology and ritual for our ancestors, to guide us back to the path, and it is also the purpose of the Archetypal Tarot Readings.

Blending Jungian theory, depth psychology, and mystical traditions, these readings engage the archetypal realm to unearth the reality of your psyche reflected in both the inner and outer worlds. These readings provide radical connection. They guide you to re-submerge into the womb of your being and bear yourself again.

The Archetypal Tarot Readings create a sacred container, one in which you will be held, supported, and guided through your unconscious realities reflected in the cards. This is not a flimsy fortune-telling session. This is not to give you a sugar-coated bandaid after a breakup. This is soul work, transformation, and deep clarity. This is profound self-care.

Some Words From Clients…

"It’s almost as though Mariana could see deeper into my soul than even I could, and could draw forth feelings that I didn’t know where there.... She was very intuitive and could grasp my feelings and perspective in a way that I never expected or imagined.”

Emily L.

"I cried . . . the tears just spilled out when Mariana read for me. So many truth bombs—truths I didn’t even know were truths. I came to her for clarity and she delivered. . . . She helped me process what the cards could mean for me in my situation. She exudes kindness and magic and I loved it."

Morginn B.

Archetypal Tarot Reading

In these 40 or 75 minute sessions, we’ll use the tarot as a portal to get clarity about where you are on your individuation path, and how to move through whatever blocks, heartaches, and fears you are suffering. Using a depth psychological approach, we’ll explore the cards as tools of empowerment, as invitations to your truth, as reflections of the profound archetypal patterns and complexes within that seek alignment and integration.

In these sessions you can bring all of yourself to the table. You can offer the unanswered questions in your heart and allow yourself to be totally held, guided, and transformed.

Archetypal Tarot Reading Packages

Deep, integrative self-care is not meant to be done in crisis. It is not something we should schedule when we’re feeling overwhelmed, when we’re at the end of our rope. It is something we set up for ourselves so that we do not become overwhelmed. So that we never feel like we’re about to fall.

These archetypal tarot packages include four archetypal tarot readings, to be scheduled in each season of the year. The benefit of purchasing a package saves you 20%, over $100! You will receive reminders about upcoming appointments, and you can always reschedule, but all four sessions must be completed within one year of purchase.

More Words From Clients…

"The reading was more than magical, she was gentle, deep and clear and knew everything that was going on in my life. She was really accurate, despite my reading being the most intense I had ever got . . . and translated my subconscious in a way that was just light. . . . It felt that I was talking to an old friend more than a tarot reader I had never met."

Gloria C.

"I needed clarity and help to let go and understand any subconscious wounds that I held from a traumatic experience. Through gentle guidance and in tune sense of the cards and myself, Mariana’s reading allowed me to see the situation as a whole without fear but understanding and kindness to my past self."

Stephanie C.


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