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In the mirror of each soul, the whole community finds its reflection.

— Rudolph Steiner

Join A Community Dedicated To The Journey…

Spiritual journeys are not meant to be taken alone. Yes, the deep inner work must be experienced internally, in the heart of the soul. But as our ancestors knew, the journey is meant to be supported by the tribe, the sacred community.

But in our modern world, spirituality is a lonely pursuit. We have lost the sacred container of our ancestors, the community that supported and guided each other. And so we try to become our own teachers, to be our own support system, to chart our own quest into the mysteries.

My Patreon community is a small gathering of souls dedicated to the journey who are seeking that spiritual companionship and guidance of our collective past. There are many offerings that assist you in making your spirituality more authentic, making your magic more meaningful, and facilitating deep connection with your truest Self.

There are several tiers that range from $3-$99, so there’s an entry point for everyone. There’s offerings that connect you in real time, and ones that connect you intellectually, offerings that are tailored to guide your individual journey, and ones that help you navigate the path on your own. But most importantly, the Persephone’s Sister Patreon allows you to commit to a community—to know that your journey is not invisible, and that it is deeply purposeful to the world.

Some Patreon Benefits

Monthly astrological tarot calendars

Monthly tarot meditation and journal packets

Access to the past seminar library

New Moon Ritual Circle meetings

15%-100% discount on seminar tickets

10% discount on readings & digital downloads

Monthly or quarterly tarot readings


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