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Foundations of the Tarot

A 3 week Beginner's workshop to guide you through the fundamentals of tarot & initiating your psycho-spiritual Journey with the cards.

Does this sound like you?

“There’s so many cards to memorize and I’m totally overwhelmed.”

“I’m so fascinated by the symbols in the cards, but have no idea what they mean.”

“I keep getting stuck trying to understand cards in the context or a spread or question.”

“I’m worried I’ll never understand deeper wisdom in the cards.”

Learning the tarot can be a challenging process. Many beginning readers are quickly overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated by their slow progress. Many even give up within the first few months.

But it doesn’t have to be so scary and intimidating. With the right foundations, mastering the cards should open up a path of inspiration, connection, wisdom, and true spiritual depth.

Learning the tarot is not about memorizing keywords. It’s about allowing the cards to guide you on your own inner journey of self-discovery, meeting the archetypes of the cards already living within you, allowing them to support you and strengthen you.

IF you’re struggling, THERE’S A WAY THROUGH.

Foundations of the Tarot is a virtual live 3-week workshop for the soulful beginner reader initiating their journey with the cards. But here’s what makes this class special:

1. This is unique and *deep* exploration of the cards.

This is not your bland, one-size-fits-all beginner’s tarot class. This workshop approaches the tarot with an archetypal focus, meaning that we bring in concepts from depth psychology and inner work practices such as shadow work, dreamwork, and active imagination to plumb the deeper wisdom of the cards.

2. It's not only about memorization.

Of course one of the trickiest parts of getting started with the tarot is memorizing the keywords and card meanings, but that is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. This workshop will teach you how to access the deepest meanings of the cards, how to connect to them with confidence and clarity, and how to best use them to support your psycho-spiritual journey.

3. theory meets practice.

So often in online classes there is endless lecturing with lots of information, but for a beginner that can be overwhelming. To learn the tarot we must practice the tarot. Therefore this workshop holds space for both intellectual exploration and guided practice so that you can hone your intuitive skill and build relationships with the cards.

What's included in the workshop?

1 year access to Workshop materials

Stream class replays & download lecture notes at your convenience up to one year from the end of the class.

The Archetypal Tarot Elements ebook

Exclusive ebook breaking down the symbolic and archetypal elements of each of the 78 cards for quick reference

Ultimate Beginner's resource Guide

Continue your tarot study with resources ranging from guidebooks to podcasts to YouTube channels and more!

Tarot Study Bundle Offer

Get the foundations and enroll in the next class of the Archetypal Tarot School at a special bundled rate

The Archetypal Tarot Elements ebook

An exclusive offer only for students of the Foundations of the Tarot Workshop, this ebook is the compilation of the symbols & archetypal elements of all 78 cards of the tarot. It includes a glossary of depth psychological terms, the Archetypal Tarot Spread, and lots of great resources to help develop and enrich your tarot practice.

Want to see some samples?

The Curriculum

In this first class we’ll begin with the fundamentals of tarot and the workings of the psyche, establishing how we can use the cards to guide and support our psycho-spiritual work. Topics include:

  • The true history and roots of the tarot
  • Understanding the collective unconscious & the layers of the psyche
  • Approaching cards as divination vs individuation & how build a relationship with them
  • The secret keys to memorizing & mastering the cards

In the second class we’ll break down the significance of the minor arcana, court cards, and major arcana, as well as the Archetypal Tarot Techniques and how to begin reading the cards. Topics include:

  • The 4 tarot suits & 4 cognitive functions
  • The Court Cards & the personality types
  • The Major Arcana & the arc of individuation
  • The Archetypal Tarot Techniques

In this final class we’ll close with putting the theory to practice. We’ll move through spreads, sample readings, and the archetypal tarot techniques in community to jumpstart your psycho-spiritual work with the cards. Topics include:

  • Reading preparation, shuffling, space-setting & spreads
  • Understanding how the cards communicate & connect
  • Building intuition, seeing patterns, and telling the story
  • How to make it make sense when you’re stuck with a card

Meet your instructor...

Mariana Louis is a professional tarot reader, writer, and educator who has taught her unique archetypal tarot approach to hundreds of students across the globe.

She is the creator of Persephone’s Sister—a platform for spiritual education and tarot guidance, blending depth psychology, sacred feminism, and witchcraft. In addition Mariana is a faculty member at the respected Jung Archademy and a cohost of the emerging popular podcast Soror Mystica.


Which is right for me?

Maybe you’ve come across The Archetypal Tarot School before, and maybe even considered signing up, but now you’re not sure if The Foundations of the Tarot Workshop is a better place to start. If that’s you, here’s how to see what’s right for you:

Starting with Foundations of the Tarot is right for you if:

  • You identify as a tarot beginner or haven’t fully begun your tarot journey
  • You don’t know all the cards yet or rely on a guidebook
  • You’re interested in depth psychology or Jungian concepts but feel they’re a bit over your head
  • When you pull a card you feel overwhelmed and don’t know how to start

You can jump into the Archetypal Tarot School if:

  • You identify as an intermediate or advanced reader and can read without relying on a guidebook
  • You’re familiar with the “traditional” meanings but they don’t feel deep enough
  • You have a deep curiosity about depth psychology and the archetypes
  • You’re ready to commit to a more intensive tarot study

Save with the Tarot Intensive Bundle!

For those who are longing for deep tarot immersion with the Archetypal Tarot School but feel you need a good grounding first, the Foundations of the Tarot + Archetypal Tarot School Bundle may be perfect for you.

This bundle gives you instant access to Foundations of the Tarot as well as enrollment in the Archetypal Tarot School, which starts September 11th. With 12 months access to both programs, you can go as slow as you need to build that deep and powerful connection to the cards.


Because this is a 3-week foundations workshop, there won’t be enough time to dive deep into each individual card (that’s a primary focus of The Archetypal Tarot School), but we will focus on establishing the greater meanings and arcs of the cards.

But you will get access to the Archetypal Tarot Elements Ebook, which includes an intimate breakdown of the symbols of each card, complete with traditional and archetypal keywords to support your memorization journey.

If you are already memorized and have a basic comfort with the cards, then no, this workshop isn’t for you. This is geared toward the beginner who has just picked up their first deck and doesn’t quite know how to make sense of the cards.

But if you’re drawn to bringing in the archetypal or psycho-spiritual perspective with your readings, then The Archetypal Tarot School is the perfect fit for you!

As this is the first round of this workshop, scholarships are not currently available.

Yes there is! Click here to access it.

This workshop focuses primarily with the classic Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but you do not need to have that specific deck. Any Rider-Waite-Smith based deck works!

And do keep in mind that while this course goes beyond the traditional meanings of the cards, we will not be focusing on other tarot systems (such as the Marseilles or Thoth). 

You may have come across info on The Archetypal Tarot School before, and maybe even considered signing up. So what’s the difference?

The Foundations of the Tarot Workshop is a 101 level class geared toward the true beginner. This is for those who haven’t yet familiarized themselves with the cards.

The Archetypal Tarot School, however, is for the intermediate / advanced tarotist who has been working with the cards for a while and wants to go deeper.

Still not sure which one’s for you? Click here.

Foundations of the Tarot Workshop Streaming Class

$ 119
  • Three 90m classes ready to stream
  • Archetypal Tarot Elements Ebook
  • Beginner's Resource Guide

Foundations of the Tarot + Archetypal Tarot School Bundle

$ 456
  • Everything included in the workshop
  • Enrollment in the Archetypal Tarot School
  • Save over $50 plus extended 12-month access
Best value
The Foundations of the Tarot Workshop or Tarot Intensive Bundle are only available until September 9th so don't delay!


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