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Magical practices to be more productive

In our linear, capitalistic, patriarchal world, productivity is everything.

We all want to feel like we’re not wasting our time, that we’re putting out meaningful, impressive things into the world. We forget that productivity means to produce, to make, manufacture, build. Productivity is vital, but it is also overwhelming, focused solely on the extraverted, materialistic world, and often denying of the introverted, spiritual one.

And this leads to burnout, disappointment, self-criticism, and, not ironically at all, a block in productivity. That’s why it’s important to work toward meaningful productivity with intentionality and a healthy dose of self-care. We want to be productive, to do good, important work thoughtfully. We want to cultivate a sustainable, centered, soulful approach to productivity. So I’ve compiled five magical practices to develop soulful, sustainable productivity that will invigorate your work and your spirit.

1. Lunar Flow

The Moon is our great energetic time-keeper in the sky, and when you really align yourself to its rhythms, you can open yourself to deep, supportive flow. The easiest way to get in time with the moon is to notice her shift in phases. The four corners of the moon’s cycle provide a structure for activity and passivity, or productivity and reflection.

When the moon is new, this is the time to pause, feel, recalibrate. This is when we evaluate the cycle behind us, and set our intentions for the following cycle. This is the time to renourish the soul, to renew yourself in preparation for what you will call in over the next four weeks.

With the waxing moon, we feel the build of momentum, we feel the focus of manifesting the intentions we set the week before. Now we get working. Begin bigger projects now, and remember the key is to go with the flow.

When the moon is full, now is the time to check in with what you have accomplished. It is not a time for passive reflection as with the new moon, but a time for celebrating what has come to fruition. This is the moment to acknowledge your success, and to perform any magical workings that encourage your fuller manifestation and abundance.

Finally, the energy recedes. The waning moon is the time to enjoy the work what you have put out and called in, and release the voices of unworthiness. This is the moon of giving back, finding gratitude, and releasing judgement, so you can prepare to reset and begin the cycle anew.

2. Get the Right Witchy Products

There are so many witchy products out there designed to help you cultivate every kind of intention, and it’s really worthwhile to explore. Maybe you’re a crystal kind of girl, or you enjoy essential oils, or candles, or all of the above.

Go on the hunt for products that look the most appealing to you, and work them into a ritual. This is essential, because it’s not the crystal or the candle itself that will encourage your productivity, but your engagement with its energy, your participation with it.

Personally, I use Healing Mist sprays by Conjure Wellness. Before I sit down to work, I spray my solar plexus and crown chakras, as well as my hands, and then light a candle as I speak my intention for that work session. Maybe that’s to finish a project, or just stay focused.

Whatever you try, be intentional, and exploratory. Citrine may light you up more than amethyst. A whiff of peppermint might realign you more than a soy candle. Try out different things, and build a ritual kit that works best for you.

3. Chakral Magic

Though I dabble, I am no true yoga practitioner, but my work with the chakras has been really beneficial for my sense of productivity. Chakras, of course, come from the ancient Hindu tradition, and are described as the seven energetic wheels in our body. They begin at the base of our spine and rise to the crown of the head, and each holds a different psychospiritual energy.

When trying to encourage productivity, I like to focus on my first, second, and third chakras, which address groundedness, creativity, and willpower respectively. First I’ll spend a moment sending energy to these chakra points, first to my tail bone, then sacrum, and finally the center of my gut. Then, I’ll anoint myself with a corresponding oil to whichever chakra I think would be most supportive for me—such as lemon right above my navel.

Explore the chakras and identify which would be most supportive for your work. Then focus your energy and attention to that point in the body, using whatever magical items you prefer to clear any blockages that may exist there, so you can work with clarity and energy.

4. Invoke Divine Inspiration

So often we get stuck, and we don’t ask for help. We see our stuckness as our great flaw, instead of our momentary lapse in energetic flow. When you struggle to produce or work effectively, ask for divine help.

This could be as simple as letting out a prayer for clarity, or as complex as performing a spell or ritual to re-inspire your work. Perhaps you have an altar bell, and can ring it to call in divine aid every time you’re stuck. Perhaps you can write down an invocation for divine guidance and burn it. Or perhaps you can return to a quote or piece of art that always rekindles that inner divine spark.

Don’t stay stuck, silent, and miserable. Reach out to your deities, ask for God’s hand. And then give yourself a moment of meditative stillness as you receive that aid before diving back in.

5. Tarot for Creative Clarity

If your work is at all creative—such as writing, entrepreneurship, or education, the tarot can be a great tool to get a clear mind and reinvigorate yourself. There’s no need here for complicated spreads or deep dives. The cards can show up to help you find a new perspective, channel a new focus, or break through a sticking point.

If you’re working on creating content for a course let’s say, and you’re not sure what to include, ask the cards for three possibilities. It’s important when using the tarot in this way not to ask for answers—we’re not trying to divine the “right” thing, we’re trying to be expansive, to lean into our creativity.

Perhaps you’ll pull the 8 of Pentacles, the 3 of Cups, and Justice. This could inspire you to brainstorm ideas about how to concentrate more on your output, or your emotional connection to the course material, or how balanced and fair your offerings are. The tarot can help focus you, and give you reflection points for leaning more into your creative, problem-solving brain to work through blocks.


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