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“I was captivated.”

“As soon as she started reading my cards I was captivated. It’s almost as though she could see deeper into my soul than even I could, and could draw forth feelings that I didn’t know where there. After my reading, an interesting personal thing happened in my life that aligned perfectly with what she told me. She was very intuitive and could grasp my feelings and perspective in a way that I never expected or imagined. I am grateful that she was very honest with her reading. I have had other readings before where the portrayal was all good and positive, when all I wanted was for someone to be real with me. Mariana was just that and I couldn’t be happier or feel more fulfilled than I did once this experience ended.”

— Emily L.



“Different from any other reading…”

“I had a great reading with Mariana, it was different from any other reading I have had. It was insightful, helpful with solid advice and guidance and practical things to do moving forward. It’s more about us as individuals and our growth than it is about anyone else in the end, we need to look inward and be curious more about ourselves than what others may be doing, thinking and feeling. Thank you so much for the guidance. She is wise beyond her years!”

— Eleni G.


“Gentle, deep, and clear…”

“I had a call from the Universe to seek professional help and I spoke to Mariana straight away. Whenever you need answers, she is the person to turn to. The reading was more than magical, she was gentle, deep and clear and knew everything that was going on in my life. She was really accurate, despite my reading being the most intense I had ever got . . . and translated my subconscious in a way that was just light for my future days. Using the right words to connect with me, it felt that I was talking to an old friend more than a tarot reader I had never met. We had arranged half an hour, but finally were talking for almost 45 minutes and she wouldn’t accept any extra payment. I feel so grateful because you can see that she doesn’t do it for the money, it’s her passion and she pours her heart on helping others. Mariana has all of my trust and whenever I feel lost in my path I would most certainly come back!”

— Gloria C.


“Really opened my eyes.”

“I have had several readings with Mariana and have only had positive experiences. She is incredibly warm, comforting, and knowledgeable and will wow you! Before my first reading I never realized how useful tarot could be but she has really opened my eyes.”

— Nina L.



“Great tool for my self-care practice.”

“I initially was hesitant to do a Tarot card reading with Mariana because I had, in the past, unclear readings from acquaintances who expressed themselves as spiritual people. These readings made me more confused of what a tarot card reading was. However, Mariana was amazing to collaborate with and I love her professionalism. She was very accommodating and patient with me when I was telling her a bit of my background and the themes of my life that I wanted to read through the tarot cards by her. How she explained the cards that were chosen was insightful and helped me find the words on the feelings, the energies and the situations that I was going through.

I highly recommend her for tarot card readings because she is professional, kind and a great listener. Also, she offers an additional service: a meditation to practice post-reading with her. I’ve listening to it and her guided meditation is a great tool for my self-care practice. It’s give a recap of the most important points to focus on. I hope to do more tarot card readings with her in the future as I saw her practice as a complimentary approach to the other modalities that I regularly use.”

— Linda K.


“Manages to bring out my deepest secrets…”

“Our first reading Mariana asked me what I wanted to focus on and I told her romance…. She hit every nail on the head in regards to my feelings and recent experiences. Somehow, Mariana manages to bring out my deepest secrets that are rooted in the back of my mind and soul. That reading jumpstarted my healing process and I’ve been doing extremely well.

“I cannot believe how accurate and meaningful Mariana’s readings are. She’s extremely thorough and caring in regards to her explanations. She only wants the best for all of her clients and it shows.”

— Jess E.



“Very grounding and reaffirming.”

“It had been many years since I had a reading and I didn’t know what to expect. But I was really pleased with how accurately the cards reflected what was happening in my life and although there was no promise of a happy ending I found the reading to be very grounding and reaffirming. Mariana loves what she does and she helps you see that no card is a bad card.”

— Marina F.



“Spot on…”

“This reading was spot on . . . beautiful and she clearly put a lot of time into my reading. I will purchase from her again.”

— Nadine R.



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