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The Tarot Professionals Workshop

Ready to use your tarot skills to serve?

Whether you are an established tarot professional or are still in the stages of developing your skills, we all need support curating a professional tarot practice of depth, confidence, and success.

The Tarot Professional’s Workshop is a LIVE 3 week container for the aspiring or practicing professional tarotist (and Archetypal Tarot School graduate) who wants to adapt the Archetypal Tarot Approach into their work.

The emphasis of this workshop is on intimate, small-group mentorship. Every student will have space to ask questions, get guidance, and connect with classmates. It is not only focused on instruction, but the application of the archetypal tarot approach.

It will guide you through applying an archetypal lens to your readings, connecting with clients, weaving the story of the cards, and understanding the business of getting started as a pro.

The Syllabus

Classes are 2 hours long and take place Saturdays July 29th, August 5th, and Augusy 12th at 1pm EST

In this first class we’ll begin with reviewing the fundamentals of the Archetypal Tarot School and mastering how to move through a reading with a deeper, psycho-spiritual lens. Focus points include:

  • Moving past traditional meanings and locating the archetypal essences
  • Identifying patterns and finding the bigger picture of the reading
  • Exploring & illuminating conversations between the cards

Saturday July 29th @ 1pm EST

In the second class we’ll dive into the container of the reading itself, discussing how to guide a querent and illuminate the “answers” they really need. Focus points include:

  • The essentials of space-holding and tarot ethics
  • How to listen between the lines and ask the important questions
  • Cultivating the balance between intellect & intuition for better accuracy

Saturday August 5th @ 1pm EST

In our final meeting we’ll break down the essentials of being a tarot professional and pull it all together with live workshopping. Focus points include:

  • The basics of setting up your tarot business
  • Professionalism, boundaries, and specifying your offerings
  • Developing confidence & clarity in your readings

Saturday August 12th @ 1pm EST

What's included in the workshop?

1 year access to Workshop materials

Stream class replays & download lecture notes up to one year from the end of the workshop.

The Tarot Professional's Workbook

Develop and hone your skills with this curated workbook for the archetypal tarot professional.

Archetypal Tarot Elements Ebook Add-on

Get this ebook breaking down the symbolic and archetypal elements of each of the 78 cards.

The Archetypal Tarot Elements ebook

An optional add-on for those who want some quick reference points! This ebook is the compilation of the symbols & archetypal elements of all 78 cards of the tarot. It includes a glossary of depth psychological terms, the Archetypal Tarot Spread, and lots of great resources to help develop and enrich your tarot practice.

Want to see some samples?

Workshop Details & Requirements:

  • This workshop is for students who have completed all 9 modules of the Archetypal Tarot School.
  • The three sessions will take place three Sundays: July 30th, August 6th, and August 13th at 1pm EST and will be 2 hours long.
  • While a replay will be available to rewatch at your convenience for 1 year, all students are encouraged to attend and participate live.
  • You do not have to be a tarot professional (or plan to become one) to be part of the workshop. Anyone interested is more than welcome.

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