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Waking the Heroine: A Study of Marie Louise von Franz’s The Feminine in Fairy Tales


This rare and very special seminar is a 90m guided read-through of Marie Louise von Franz’s The Feminine in Fairy Tales in an exciting blend of both lecture and discussion.

This seminar is co-hosted by both Mariana Louis and Alyssa Polizzi, joining their scholarship in archetypal and symbolic studies, Jungian depth psychology, and the Sacred Feminine to dive into the world of fairy tale and psyche.

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

• The archetypal significance of fairy tales through a Jungian / depth psychological lens

• The arc of the Heroine’s Journey in the myths of Vasilisa the Beautiful & Briar Rose (chapters 1-3 & 10-12)

• The archetypes of the Feminine in fairy tales and in our own inner journeys

• A framework for interpreting myths and fairy tales through a psycho-spiritual perspective

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