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The Mystical Quests of the Major Arcana: A Journey through Hermeticism, Cabala & Mythology


Join me for one, two, or all three discussions breaking down the mystical quests of the tarot, so that you can master it as the sacred tool of divination and individuation it truly is.

The Full Ticket to the Complete Series includes access to the instant viewing seminars, PDFs of the lecture notes and presentation, and recommended reading lists for further study.

1. Hermeticism: The Way of the Occultists & Alchemists: A dive into the ancient hermetic studies of alchemy, astrology, occultism, and the secret principles of life, and how they make up the hidden mysticism of the major arcana in the tarot.

2. Cabala: The Sacred Pathways of the Tree of Life: An exploration of Cabalistic wisdom—how it was reclaimed by the medieval mystics and then adapted into the tarot as the divine pathways of the Tree of Life via the major arcana of the tarot.

3. Mythology: The Archetypal Journey of the Hero as Fool: An examination of the Hero’s Journey through the archetypes of the major arcana, and how they offer a mystical and mythological path to wholeness & self-actualization.

*Recorded on 7/18, 8/1 & 8/15 2021

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