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The Archetypal Tarot Cohort


The Archetypal Tarot School Cohort is a continued study program that engages a limited number of students in an intimate exploration of their tarot practice. This is NOT a class or lecture, but a guided community space to discuss, reflect, practice, and go deeper with your archetypal approach to the cards.

The emphasis is on small-group community study.

The cohort is limited to a maximum of 10 students who have completed the Archetypal Tarot School and want to continue to explore and integrate what they’ve learned.

Cohort details & requirements:

  • We will meet for 3 LIVE weekly sessions. While a replay will be available, all students are expected to attend and participate like a normal study group.
  • This is for those who have completed the Archetypal Tarot School. If you are still in the early modules this isn’t for you.
  • The sessions will take place Sundays 12/4, 12/11, and 12/18 at 2pm EST.
  • We will really be getting to know each other and possibly reading for each other, so make sure you’re comfortable with active engagement (just like a normal study group!).

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