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Any ritual is an opportunity for transformation.

— Starhawk

Do You Need Sacred Ritual In Your Life?

IDrawn from ancient women’s rituals, the New Moon Ritual Circle is a collective of Feminine-inspired souls meeting underneath the dark moon to reflect, cleanse, and renew. It is a curated space to lean into magic and rebirth, without the burden of trying to do it all alone (which can be totally overwhelming, trust me I know).

The circle offers like-minded community, guided intention-setting, and magical ritual. It’s a window of time in which we can drop in to our bodies, our truths, when we can share, receive guidance, and prepare for the cycles to come. It is a moment to reclaim our Feminine essence, power, and wisdom.

If you seek community, ritual, and a space for spiritual renewal, this circle is meant for you. It is grounded in the cosmos, in the heart, and in the collective power of sacred intention. Join the community of deep, witchy souls and click below or scroll for more information.

The circle is currently offered only as a benefit of the Circe tier of my Patreon,

What happens inside the circle

A summary of the new moon astrology

Guided intention-setting visualization

A personal tarot and oracle card pull

A safe space to share in true community

Soul-opening journaling prompts

A group intention-setting ritual

Insight into the Experience…


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